Sunday, April 20, 2014

Classy Me… =)

Long time no see…didn't meant to disappear but my internet connection had been really bad this month..
n i had an urgent that made me needed to go to malaysia n i just got back xD
anyway it doesn't matter~
what really matter is… i can share again in my blog =)

so.. yesterday i went to MKG to accompany my friend aiiness to saw her bf's fash show n i cme up with an ideato wear my satin brown and black short for the photoshoot..
Check it out!! hope u guys like it…


a stupid picture by my bestie Bunga Deviani XD

1 of my fav clutch..

n 1 of my fav heels..

Anyway i visited Vegas Hotdog there in Gading walk n i think the place was cute enough =)
Here some pics of em

and alsoo… since it was an easter… the mall had done with they decoration n i love em so much..
and since i went to MKG with my boy too… so i took some pics of me n him… =p