Monday, December 23, 2013

Colorful day with Colorful outfit

Heyy it's me again… i went to Central Park with my besties n my hubby~
well it's a bright day which was cool if i make it perfect with a colorful outfit~
Check it out!

n tell me what dya think


    Special Clutch of mine

Special Thankssss to my hubby 4 gve me those pink white roses~ love them so much!!
it fits me well!!

                                                                me and him =]


And these r my childhood besties~ =]
love u all =]

Monday, December 9, 2013

First blog

Comment ├ža va?
Je mappelle Dalphine =]
i'm a new blogger…
actually this is not my first blog, i had a blog before but i shut it down because i didn't know what is blog for… i mean.. we just sit at night, then blog about life… what a boring.. but lately… something came up on my mind… i wanna be a fashion designer.. and i loove Paris so much… especially for the vintage style.. then yesterday, i went to an event which fashion bloggers were invited to came.. well i went there with my friends and i realize that i wanna start to be a blogger… well maybe not gonna post everyday like a friend of mine… but i'd like to give it a try~!

So here it is… my first ootd from ootd's gathering that i attended yesterday..


my theme yesterday was red maroon
check it out!

these r my friends =p
[glasses and hoodies one r my childhood bestiee :D )

THANKS to ootd for the great event!